200-0123 - SL60
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The UniverSILL is a patented gasket for the Outswing Low Profile Saddle Sill. It can be added on when higher weather performance is needed or it can be removed for ADA compliance or for walking while barefoot . It will come as one full length of 12 feet. For additional lengths, please increase your quantity as required.


For example: 

Qty: 1 = "1 x Twelve foot length”, Qty. 2 = "2 x Twelve foot lengths"

Compatible for Low Profile Saddle Sill Outward opening only.

***Q-Lon must be purchased separately*** 

Q-Lon for SL60/HSW60

Q-Lon for SL45, SL70, NW 640, 840, 540 & 740

 *** Please contact the NanaWall Service Team should you have questions or concerns.***