Glazing Gasket

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Glazing gasket for aluminum systems only. Gasket type dependent on original order glass thickness. Please contact the NanaWall Service Department with a NanaWall Order number to verify type.

Sold per foot.

NOTE: These products are priced per foot, but will arrive as one full length. Select the quantity of feet needed e.g. a quantity of 10 will ship as (1) 10'-0" length. 

***Please be advised that 1 quantity of gasket is equal to a length of 1 foot. Please contact the NanaWall Service Team should you have questions or concerns.***

Compatible Systems: 

Interior Glazing gasket with lip 3-4.5 mm: 13,14,60,61,80,81,62,60HSW,12A,13A,14A,12B,13B,14B,12

 Interior Glazing gasket with lip 4-6.5 mm :Panel Catch

Interior Glazing gasket for wood - inside: SL 65, 66,67,97, HSWA 65, 78A, 78

inside 1,3 - 2,3 mm: SL 45

inside 2,5 - 3,5 mm: HSW 35,25RA,35,45,50,70,71,25RB,16

inside 3,5 - 5,5 mm: 


inside 5,5 - 7,5 mm: 


inside 6 - 8 mm: 925,73SDC,45A,45,925A,45HSW,200,200A

Exterior Glazing gasket outside: 


 Interior Glazing gasket 6-7.5 mm:

 Interior Glazing gasket 7-9.5 mm:


Exterior Glazing gasket-for-wood 12 x 4 mm:

6 mm: SL25