SL45/70 Hinge/Complete

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This hinge is used on the SL45 as well as all the SL70 series systems. This complete hinge consists of the single knuckle, double knuckle, hinge back plate bars, hinge pin and all set screws.

Compatible Systems:

Traffic White - RAL 9016: 45,71,72,73,73SDC,45A,45HSW
Dark Brown - RAL 8077: 45,71,72,45A,73,73SDC,45HSW
Gray (White Aluminum) - RAL 9006: 45,71,72,73,73SDC,45A,45HSW
Brushed Satin Stainless Steel V4A/316: 45,71,72,73,45A,73SDC,45HSW